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Art Law

Our attorneys have unique expertise in the art law area, having represented a major art auction house, individuals, agents, art dealers, and art galleries in litigation and transactional matters. We have handled disputes concerning ownership, consignments, intellectual property rights, auction law, and authenticity, patrimony, and endangered species issues. We also have handled a broad range of issues arising from the financing of art transactions and concerning works of art pledged as collateral for loans. We have developed a particular expertise in the application of Uniform Commercial Code rules to transactions that are unique to the art world.

The following are examples of the types of art law matters we have handled:

  • We uncovered one of the largest art fraud schemes in history perpetrated against numerous well-known art dealers around the world. We were the first to attach the defendant’s assets, thereby minimizing the losses to our client. We thereafter represented the same client in recovering most of its remaining losses from art insurers.

  • We represented a significant European antiquities dealer in establishing its affiliate in the United States and its sales business here.

  • We represent a lender that provides financing for art-related transactions in various disputes concerning rights to collateral consisting of works of art.

  • We represented an artist's agent in a federal investigation of whether cultural artifacts imported from Africa and a book portraying those artifacts were covered by endangered species laws or a foreign government’s patrimony laws. No claims ultimately were brought against our client.

  • We have handled numerous disputes related to the purchase of art at auctions.

  • We represented an agency in a dispute with a well-known photographer concerning each party’s respective rights and obligations and the conflicting rights of other agencies claiming to have relationships with the photographer.

  • We negotiated the resolution of a dispute concerning a terminated author’s right to compensation under a book authorship agreement.