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Commercial Litigation, Trials and Appeals

With extensive experience in litigating commercial matters, we offer our clients high quality litigation and trial expertise at a level typically expected of leading large firms. We efficiently staff and carefully manage our cases as part of our effort to fully achieve our clients’ objectives.

We combine our unflagging commitment to our clients’ goals with a practical, solution-oriented approach. We recognize the value of alternative dispute resolution and assess its potential usefulness in every case. Our reputation as highly experienced litigators and trial attorneys often enables us to successfully execute settlement options before fully drawing on our litigation and trial strength. 

We often accept cases referred to us by large firms that have potential conflicts of interest. We are scrupulous about maintaining the confidence that other lawyers have placed in us.

Our firm has handled commercial disputes, trials and appeals in a broad range of areas, including:

  • all types of contract disputes, including cases involving sales contracts, acquisitions and divestitures, commercial leases for real and personal property, licensing, franchise agreements and personal service and employment agreements;

  • cases arising from the purchase and sale of securities;

  • partnership disputes;

  • complex domestic and international business transactions, including purchase and sale transactions, real estate development transactions and transactional financing;

  • disputes arising from banking relationships;

  • construction, including the representation of architects, interior designers, general contractors, subcontractors, and owners (such as condominiums and co-ops);

  • insurance coverage;

  • creditors’ rights, representing both creditors and debtors;

  • intra-corporate and partnership disputes, including shareholder derivative actions;

  • professional liability, including the representation of attorneys, accountants, architects, and interior designers;

  • intellectual property, including copyright, trademark, unfair competition, and trade secret disputes;

  • defamation actions;

  • art law disputes, including representation of financing and lending institutions, auction houses, dealers, agents, artists, writers, and musicians;

  • environmental disputes; and

  • business ownership disputes.