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Product Liability and Mass Torts

We are among the leading product liability defense firms in the country with a roster of clients that includes many major defendants in product liability and mass tort lawsuits. In a survey of 400 in-house lawyers by The American Lawyer, we were named one of the best firms in the nation for service, quality and value in this practice area.

In recent years, our skills at managing thousands of tort cases have been used in the World Trade Center litigation, in which we represent the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey as well as the World Trade Center Properties Defendants (the lessees of the World Trade Center towers and other buildings in the complex). This litigation involves thousands of lawsuits for wrongful death, personal injury, property damage, and business interruption that resulted from the attacks of 9/11.

A major part of our product liability practice has involved the defense of more than 100,000 personal injury cases arising from alleged exposure to asbestos. We serve as national counsel for defendants and were selected to serve as members of the National Trial Lawyers teams for many companies. We also represented major corporate defendants in property damage cases seeking recovery of billions of dollars for the cost of abating or removing asbestos-containing products from thousands of buildings.  

We defended more than 300 cases for more than three dozen formulators, distributors, and retailers of L-Tryptophan, a synthetically produced dietary supplement. We also have handled numerous individual suits relating to a wide variety of allegedly defective products, such as breast implants, blood product transfusions, dyes, aerosol cans, computer equipment, and latex gloves, as well as suits involving allegedly defective industrial equipment.

With our years of experience in the product liability and mass tort fields, we have developed a network of preeminent medical, technical, and engineering experts whom we draw upon to assist us in defending our clients. We also have developed our own expertise in the technical aspects of our clients’ cases. For example, we are known as one of the nation’s leading legal experts on the scientific and mineralogical aspects of asbestos. Our knowledge of the legal issues in these areas is unparalleled, and we have advanced sophisticated and novel legal theories that have created new product liability law in many cases.

Our clients come to us not only for our substantive expertise in the product liability and mass tort areas but also because we have the experience and ability to handle complex trials if a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached.