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Intellectual Property

We apply a broad range of experience in solving intellectual property problems, producing highly favorable results often without litigation. In the information technology area, we have been called upon to address issues for which there is no clear precedent or no precedent at all. We have the creativity to devise cutting-edge solutions and the tenacity to cause them to be accepted by counter-parties reluctant to consider non-traditional approaches.

The following are a few illustrations of the scope of our intellectual property practice:

  • We represented an internationally renowned architectural firm in a significant copyright dispute concerning the design of a prominent high-rise structure.

  • We provided advice to a large software manufacturer in its development of new software products that enable consumers to use on-line financial services. We counseled our client on potential liability arising from the new software products and developed strategies to mitigate that potential liability. The products ultimately became highly successful on the consumer market.

  • We successfully defended against unique trademark infringement claims brought by a franchisor against its franchisee.

  • We successfully represented an architectural firm in a complex copyright infringement action involving designs contained in digital and print media.

  • We represented an Internet educational broadcasting company in its formation and all of its transactional matters. Our services included negotiating and drafting the client’s contracts and assisting in developing its corporate and business strategies.

  • We negotiated copyright ownership and licensing contracts for a company that provided consulting services in intra-company communications management and created intranets for large domestic and multinational companies.

  • We provide transactional and intellectual property advice to a company that develops and markets software products that control e-mail spam and products used for extracting selected information from the Internet.

  • We represented a company that manufactured and sold systems engineering software products and services in licensing disputes with its customers.

  • We represented a mid-size public company that provided technology solutions and e-commerce services. In one matter, for example, we successfully negotiated an agreement with a large foreign telecommunications company for the provision of services and technology to assist in the complete separation nationwide of the telecommunications provider’s internal information technology systems.